At Marego we believe that great training equals a great service. We therefore require staff to do in-house training where their knowledge/competency is tested and scored. Staff that recently completed training not at Marego Limited are required to undertake our knowledge tests to ensure they meet our standard.

Our current training topics are as follows:

• Person Centred Care
• Moving and Handling
• First Aid
• Role of a Home Carer
• Health and Safety
• Child Protection
• Effective Communication
• Infection Control
• Adult Protection
• Raising Concern and Whistle blowing
• Food Hygiene
• Introduction to Medication

For those working in our complex care areas, staff undertake an intensive training course in that specialist area for example in tracheostomy care, naso-gastric tube feeding. During the course staff are expected to demonstrate theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to be signed off as competent.

As well as our staff, care organisations and individuals are welcome to undertake any of our general training topics. Complex care training is currently not being offered to non-Marego staff. Those interested can contact us to arrange a booking and to discuss charges.

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